Hi, I’m Steve. Welcome to the Permanerd website.

I help independent households and small communities manage their own water supplies to keep their water safe and secure.

I provide clear and detailed water system assessments and develop risk-management plans for all types of supply from a household rainwater harvesting system to a private small community sharing a common surface or groundwater supply.

I also provide a water sampling service and will explain the water quality results in easy to understand, no-nonsense terms.

I can work with quality tradespeople to install or modify existing systems so you can be sure the job is done properly.

I have worked with Water Utilities, NGOs and engineering firms across Central and Northern Australia, helping remote communities understand their water supplies and plan for the future.

These days I’m based in Southern Tasmania and I’m keen to help provide you peace of mind when it comes to your water supply.

I also blog here on things I find interesting, mostly to do with energy, water and the environment.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to learn more please contact me.

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